Professional damage administration leading to increased revenue.

1.7 MIL €
Išmokėtų išmokų klientams
IKI 367 %
Padidėjusios išmokos
10 000+
Sureguliuotų žalų
Patirtis dirbant su žalomis
859K €
Payouts to customers
Up to 367%
Payouts increased by
Adjusted damages
Experience in dealing with damage
Competitive advantage and increased revenue
The major insurance brokerage companies know that professional claims administration is above all an advantage.

Answer yourself — why should a person or company insure themselves with brokers who do not perform professional damage service if another broker does?

When dealing with damages, we communicate with both brokerage companies and individuals. Obviously, clients who receive increased payouts feel more valued by their brokers — and as a result, prefer to recommend them to others.
We serve customers on behalf of your company
Claims management team of claims management experts can become your personal claims administration department.

We will administer damages on behalf of your company.

We will answer calls and respond to emails as your employees. We will use the damage management platform of your choice or offered by us. Our work, and successful results, positive feedback and recommendations are yours.
We provide additional services to your customers
Working with Claims management, you will be able to offer your clients a wide range of additional services:

Debt collection— we will help your clients recover all types of debts worldwide.
Replacement car— until your customer's car is repaired, we will provide him with a replacement.
Roadside assistance in Lithuania and abroad— our partners both in Lithuania and abroad (in the EU territory) will provide your customers with urgent assistance on the road.
Independent assessment— if necessary, Claims management will carry out an independent assessment of the damage or property by independent damage assessors.
Legal services— our legal team will provide your clients with a wide range of legal advice on various issues.

“Professionals in their field. Everything is great, on time and place. We are pleased with the cooperation, so we recommend it to others”

Evaldas Butrimavičius
UAB State Express Europe Commercial Director

“The results achieved exceeded expectations! The experts work without reproach and the process itself was extremely smooth”

Ramūnas Komisaraitis
UAB Kautra Deputy Head of Traffic Service

“We are very pleased with the results! We clearly see the benefits and the value created for the company through increased benefits. A big plus is that experts communicate with drivers via “viber” and there is no need to additionally forward information.”

Julius Mockus
Head of Transport Managers Department of UAB Norlida

Customer Testimonials
How does the cooperation between us and insurance brokerage companies work?
We agree on the terms of cooperation
The Claims management team can take over all claims related issues or only part of the work as needed. For example, only problematic and extremely complex damage or only damage to transport enterprises.
We agree on the means of communication
After signing the contract, we decide and agree on the means of communication. We can work both using your designated email or phone number, as well as our own ways of communication.
We agree on a system for inventory of damage cases
We will allow you to see all damages in the current time. You will see the entire process of administering the damage case, from the registration of the event to the notification of the insurance decision.
In the event of damage, we manage the damage of your customers on behalf of your company
In the event of damage, you will refer your customers to your claims administration department. And then we will take over the entire administration of the damage and represent the interests of both you and your client.
We carry out the administration of the case
During the period of administration of the case, the client will be able to consult with one and the same damage expert. And communication with the insurance company or other related parties will be taken care of by us.
We review the results of the final administration of the case
Both during and after the damage administration, your client will have the opportunity to monitor the damage administration process, steps and final result.
Frequently Asked Questions
To save you time, we answer the most frequently asked questions of our customers below. If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to, please contact us by phone, e-mail or by leaving a request in the form “Contact”.
Until now, we have not managed damages for our clients. Why should this service be relevant for us?
Most major insurance brokerage companies already provide claims administration services. By delaying, you risk losing the competitive advantage to companies that already provide this service.
How will the cooperation between you and the broker work?
If necessary, we will take over all damages and related issues of your customers. We will be able to communicate with customers both by phone and email. All damage cases will be easily accessible in our system, which will allow you to see claims of your customers at the current time.
Do you manage all kinds of claims?
Yes, we administer CASCO, MTPL, CMR, health damage, corporate property damage, population property damage and all other product damage.
What kind of damage do you handle?
Transport damage (MTPL and CASCO), cargo damage, driver health damage, property damage and warehouse damage. We work with all types of damage and do not divide them into large or small, easy or difficult.
We manage the damage ourselves. What can you do better than our employees?
Our team consists of long-time insurance claims experts, lawyers and independent assessors. Therefore, the first thing to do is to compare the competencies, efficiency and results of the teams. Then assess whether it is more beneficial to have a hired employee or to outsource your services.
What is the cost of Claims management services?
We apply a separate pricing for each client according to the amount of damage. Therefore, it does not matter if you are dealing with 5 or 50 damages in a month, we will find the most effective solution for you.
Why should we choose Claims management services for claims management?
First of all, it should be noted that we offer a wide range of different services to solve your problems: claims administration, debt recovery, legal services, emergency roadside assistance throughout Europe, etc. It should be also important to you that we are the only claims management company in Lithuania independent of other brokerage companies. We want to emphasize that by working with Claims management you will broadly expand the range of your services, as we also provide debt collection, legal advice and representation and emergency roadside assistance services throughout Europe. In addition, all issues that concern you will be solved in one place, and we will communicate with you at all times and answer all your questions as you will be assigned a damage expert who will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our system is designed for an efficient, convenient and fast damage management process.
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