To save Your time, here are some of the FAQs we get from our customers.

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Transport companies
Insurance brokers
Our claims are managed by an insurance broker. What can you do better?
First of all, we emphasize the wide range of different services we offer to help You solve your problems: claims management, debt recovery, legal advice, emergency roadside assistance across Europe, and more. You should also be aware that all Your concerns will be dealt with in one central location, with a personalized claims expert available 24/7 to communicate with You and answer any questions You may have. Our system was developed for an efficient, convenient, and fast claim management process.
What you say sounds too good. Can you give a reason for what you say?
Yes, of course - we have plenty of real-life cases of claims management, which we will be happy to provide on request. We will also estimate the potential benefits we could generate by managing your fleet.
How are your services different from other claims management companies?
Our key difference is our focus on carriers and solving their problems. This is why we understand the problems carriers face and develop a product that allows all claims issues to be dealt with centrally. With Claims Management, You will feel at ease with claims management, debt recovery, legal services, emergency road assistance, and more.
What kind of claims do you manage?
Transport claims (TPVCA and KASKO), cargo claims, drivers' health claims, property damage, and warehouse damage. Basically, we deal with all claims and do not classify them as large or small, light or heavy.
More questions
We already have our own claims expert. Why do we need your services?
The first step is to compare the values created by Your expert with those created by our team. Then You should consider which is more efficient: hiring an employee or outsourcing the claims to a claims management company. It is also important to understand that in addition to claims management, we will also provide You with services that Your insurance expert will definitely not offer: debt recovery, legal advice, emergency road assistance, and more.
How much would it cost to hand over the administration of the entire fleet to you?
The price will depend on Your needs and the number of vehicles in Your fleet, but our statistics show that working with us pays off for our clients after 1-2 vehicles or other damages.
We don't get much damage. Is it profitable for us to hire a separate claims management company?
Of course. By contacting insurance experts at an early stage, You can avoid making crucial mistakes that could cost you a lot later.

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