Your insurance payments should have been higher a long time ago.

1.7 MIL €
Payouts to customers
Up to 367%
Payouts increased by
Adjusted damages
Experience in dealing with damages
1.7 MIL €
Payouts to customers
Up to 367%
Increased benefits
Adjusted damages
Experience in dealing with damage

Are you dealing with foreign damage?

Your driver has been involved in a traffic accident outside the territory of Lithuania and is facing great difficulties due to the language barrier?

You do not know the legal basis of a foreign country and you are not sure that you are giving the correct instructions to your driver after a traffic accident? Are you not collecting all the necessary documents and evidence?

After an event abroad, you or your insurance broker turn to the cashier or representatives in Lithuania and thus do not receive all the benefits?

The Claims management team has many years of experience working with transport and freight damage that occurred abroad. Our partners in 33 European countries will not only ensure fair and fair payments in accordance with the legal framework of a foreign country, but also provide urgent advice to your drivers in a language they understand.

Has your time cost for damage management increased significantly?

Your transport fleet has been growing rapidly lately, and with it the number of damages?

Or are you planning to expand and realize that the time costs of administering damages will inevitably increase as well?

Are you looking for help and want to get solutions to all your problems in one place: claims administration, debt collection, emergency roadside assistance, direct communication with drivers, answers to a wide range of legal questions and more?

Our experienced team and network of partners across Europe have many years of experience helping companies solve the problems of damage to a wide range of transport fleets.

Are you facing cargo damage or claims?

In the event of damage to the cargo, did the claimant freeze or set off the money you earned but not yet paid?

Have you received a clearly excessive and unfounded claim?

You do not have sufficient legal literacy, so the administration of CMR damages requires a lot of your precious time?

Our team of lawyers and claims experts deal with these issues on a daily basis. We solve them with the help of developed, well-functioning systems, so we can adequately represent your interests and manage documentation quickly and efficiently.
Added value for our customers
The experience of more than 10,000 successfully managed transport damage has led our team to understand that fleet and transport damage administration requires complex solutions.

Therefore, we provide a complete package of related services that will ensure smooth, effective cooperation and solutions to various challenges.
Direct communication with drivers
In the event of a traffic accident, prompt and smooth communication with the driver is key. Therefore, we make every effort to communicate directly and without intermediaries in a language acceptable to the driver.
Independent damage assessment
We use the most modern technologies and methodologies for damage assessment, which allows us to ensure accurate and correct results of damage assessment reports.
Debt collection
We provide individual debt recovery solutions throughout the EU.
Systematization and archiving of damage cases
An orderly and efficient file management system helps to avoid errors and glitches as well as to administer files and claims faster.
Inventory of old, written off or unmanaged damage
After signing a contract with a new customer, we review the unexpired damages, which allows us to create financial value for you immediately.
Emergency assistance on the road
Our customers can feel at ease throughout the EU because, in cooperation with Claims management, emergency assistance is just a call away.
Providing analysis and suggestions on how to reduce losses
In order to effectively manage their activities, the analysis of damage data for logistics companies is essential. It allows you to identify likely problems and gaps, the elimination of which will help reduce losses and increase profits.
Frequently Asked Questions
To save you time, we answer the most frequently asked questions of our customers below. If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to, please contact us by phone, e-mail or by leaving a request in the form “Contact”.
Our claims are administered by an insurance broker. What can you do better?
First of all, we want to emphasize that we offer a wide range of services to solve your different problems: claims administration, debt recovery, legal advice, emergency roadside assistance throughout Europe, etc. It should also be relevant for you that we will solve all your concerns in one place, and a damage expert assigned to you will communicate with you and answer all questions. Our system is designed for an efficient, convenient and fast damage management process.
What you say sounds too good. Can you justify your words?
Yes, of course — we have many real examples of damage, which we will be happy to provide upon your request. We will also calculate what potential benefits we would create by administering your fleet.
How are your services different from other claims management companies?
Our essential uniqueness is that we focus on carriers and solving their problems. That's why we have a great understanding of the problems carriers face and create a product that allows you to solve all damage issues in one place. Working with Claims management will give you peace of mind regarding claims administration, debt recovery, legal services, emergency roadside assistance, and more.
What kind of damage do you handle?
Transport damage (MTPL and CASCO), cargo damage, driver health damage, property damage and warehouse damage. We work with all types of damage and do not divide them into large or small, light or heavy.
We already have our own damage expert. Why do we need your services?
First of all, you should compare the values created by your expert with the values created by our team. Then consider what is more efficient: hiring an employee or transferring damages to a damage management company. It is also important to understand that in addition to the administration of damages, we will also provide you with services that your insurance expert will certainly not offer: debt collection, legal advice, emergency assistance on the road, etc.
How much would it cost to transfer the management of the entire fleet into your hands?
The price will depend on your needs and the number of vehicles in your fleet, but our statistics show that cooperation with us pays off after 1-2 transport or other damages.
We don't face a lot of damage. Does it pay to hire a separate claims management company?
We encourage transport companies to understand that risk management is a very important part of fleet management. Therefore, it does not matter if you are dealing with only a few injuries or have not suffered any so far. The main thing, if necessary, is to turn to experts, whose initial consultation will help you avoid fundamental mistakes.
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